Global Foundries: EUV “Not Ready Today” (January 2018)


Gary Patton, CTO & SVP of Worldwide R&D for GlobalFoundries, said 7nm will be in risk production at in 2018, and full production in 2019, using immersion lithography and quad patterning, but not EUV. The plan is to later offer a version of the 7nm process using the new EUV tools. EUV is “not ready today” Patton said, citing issues with source power, resist materials, and the masks, particularly with development of the proper pellicle (a thin film that goes over the mask or reticle.)
(source: PC Magazine, January 2018)

At the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference in February, 2018, George Gomba, Global Vice President of Technology Research at GlobalFoundries, said in a keynote address, “If we do not make productivity and availability improvements, we may only be able to use EUV for the most aggressive processors.”
(source: EETimes coverage of the 2018 SPIE Advanced Lithography conference)